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Is Your Pastor Bold about Teaching Finances God’s Way? Part I

Teaching Finances

Teaching Finances

Is Your Pastor Bold about Teaching Finances God’s Way?

It’s a known fact that many Pastors, Church leaders and Lay persons believe that not teaching on the topic of finances is an indicator of having great spirituality. They believe that the ways they’re currently handling their personal or Church finances are beyond reproach and that the very mention of the topic would indicate flaws in their methods. In Proverbs 16:18 it says: Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall. Some shy away from teaching on finances because they’re ashamed or convicted due to the fact they’re simply not practicing what they’re preaching. It could be that the Leader has played an integral part in getting the Church deep into debt by promoting lavish new building plans or making ill-advised financial decisions that are simply out of the Lord’s will for that Church. It could be that they’re withholding their own tithes and offerings with the justification that they’re under paid or that their time is their offering. Living out this contradiction can cause that person to get extremely angry and resentful at even the slightest mention of dealing with finances.

If the shepherd of a flock is not herding his sheep with the utmost of care, ensuring every need of the sheep is being addressed then many of those sheep will surely begin to wander astray or starve from the lack of food. It’s the same scenario in most Churches today. You have leaders who purposely or inadvertently omit the topic of finances from

their agenda’s or stick the topic in to be taught one day a year. Folks, this is not acceptable and we as Christians who make up the body of Christ need to be on the lookout for signs within our own congregations that something is not right when it comes to how our leaders are dealing with the topic of finances. The way we handle our finances and the way we steward our resources is a direct reflection on our relationship with Christ. It takes finances to fund Ministries, Churches and Organizations and the better we are equipped, knowledgeable and obedient when it comes to God’s Financial Principles and His Economy the more effective we will be in furthering His everlasting and eternal Kingdom! How can we be a shining light for Jesus with a broken light bulb!

The Bible says in Romans 3:23 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. There is not one perfect Pastor out there and even our leaders need to be led. In Part II of this series I will address how important it is to focus on finances with boldness within the Church and within our homes. I will also try to bring awareness to the devastating damage that can be caused from turning a blind eye to dealing with this topic. In Part III I will go over some positive options in regards to confronting leaders about the lack of attention to finances within your Church. I will recommend some great strategies and solutions for equipping Church leaders to begin to move forward with the right Motives and Methods for shepherding their flocks to the greenest of grass. God Bless!


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